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Omni Wav Global LLC. is a result-driven digital marketing and management agency located in Coconut Creek, Florida. We are a group of dedicated professionals focused on creating a powerful digital and social presence for your company. At Omni Wav Global, we work with small and medium sized businesses  across many verticals to help them achieve their marketing goals. Our unique methods of optimizing digital marketing campaigns in combination with our ability to design and deploy integrations while utilizing a variety of channels separates us from other marketing services providers. Our experienced team and partners ensure consistency and quality in our work, making sure that our clients are informed every step of the way. The Omni Wav Global team is motivated by results; we want our clients to see marketing as a business investment.

ElevateBroward, Inc.  believes every child in the 21st century deserves access and education to modern technology. Our organization provides and implements programs to improve and elevate the social, economical, and educational status of Broward County and surrounding counties through educational and informative programs. ElevateBroward, Inc. promotes community growth through activities and experiences that will shape the minds of tomorrows Industry leaders. Elevate Broward incorporates seven characteristics, qualities and life skills into our program through a variety of print and digital materials, exercises, group discussions and events. These qualities and skills are designed to develop the personal character and aptitude needed to succeed.

Vision – thinking and dreaming of the future

Courage – Standing up for what you truly believe in

Respect – Treating yourself and others well

Caring – Being kind and helpful to others

Responsibility – Doing what you need to do

Positive Work Ethic – Working hard and doing a good job

Integrity – Honesty, honor, and keeping your word.

Our Mission: Share the knowledge, wisdom, and positive energy of our current leaders and industry tastemakers to the residents of Broward County in order to elevate their community and lives.

Our Vision: Break generational cycles of failed socioeconomic model and poverty in Broward County and its surrounding communities.

Our Values: Building relationships and investing in our neighbors. Doing the right thing, the right way. Being dedicated, caring and driven. Mission is sacred; change is inevitable.

Omar ‘Omie’ Glenn established ElevateBroward, Inc., a subsidiary of Omni Wav Global LLC, in July 2016 in Coconut Creek, Florida. It was around this time that he was asked “As you have aged and grown with the community , how do you plan on  giving back?” Sometime shortly after, he came across a quote by George Santayana “In order to make reasoned decisions about the future, we need to be cognizant of where we have come from.” This stuck with him for quite sometime. After months of pondering and putting ideas together, Omni Wav Global had grown to be more than just a vision. It became imperative. Up until this time, he had never taken the time to realize the void. It was such a disheartening emotion. Since then he has teamed up with other like-minded individuals in the digital space that are passionate about our mission and honorable about our values to Create Wealth from Wisdom.

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